Cooling Technology

Warm nights underneath the sheets are not what couples are looking for. In fact, the complete opposite is what they seek. According to an article on “The Wall Street Journal,” in recent researches conducted by sleep experts, couples have expressed their discontent with warm sleep.

As the mattress industry keeps on evolving, new discoveries are surfacing out. First was the problem with firmness, then with coils, and now with temperature. Memory foam changed our sleep for ever and the same is expected to happen with cooling systems in mattresses.

The reason behind couples complaining about their bed temperature, has to do with the disturbance it creates not only for the person who feels hot and pushes away the covers, but also for the other person, who sleeps next to him or her and has to deal with all the struggle that goes on between the hot person and the sheets.

The cooling technology that mattress makers offer, concentrates on the overheated person, not so much on the partner, since the person with high body temperature is the one causing the bigger problems. For example, “ChiliPad,” is a cooling system that works by circulating water through the pad, and the person sleeping on it can regulate the temperature with a wireless control. The paid has a thermostat that will keep the temperature at the sleepers’ preferred temperature.

Besides the “ChiliPad,” there are mattresses that offer cool nights as well, such as The Sleep Number i8 bed, Optimum by Sealy Posturepedic mattress, ComforPedic bed with TruTemp gel ,just to mention a few.

The price on this mattresses and even the pad might seem a little bit high but how much is too much, when a couple’s happiness depends on it? Some people might be willing to spend thousands of dollars on therapists when the solution might be on a cooler mattress.

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