General Mattress Warranty Information

When buying a mattress it is important to take into consideration the mattress warranty.  A good warranty can add a lot of value to your mattress purchase.   A mattress warranty usually covers any defect on the product, such as a broken spring or sagging that complies with the company’s depth standard.

What many people don’t know about matters warranties is that they do cover defects on the mattress but don’t cover issues that have to do with the product’s normal wearing off process or general deterioration.

According to an article in “Goodbed,” a mattress warranty should last between 10 to 20 years; this is in the particular case of high quality mattress manufacturers but this does not necessarily mean that the mattress is going to last up to this time.

There are some reasons for a warranty to be void, such as using the wrong foundation or frame, taking certain tags off, not having the original receipt or warranty papers, and if the mattress is soiled, other things might be taken into consideration, depending on the manufacturer and its willingness to honor the warranty.

It is important to consider individual company’s warranty policies when comparison shopping.  A simple google search will tell you if customers are satisfied with the warranty process.  Some companies are notorious for doing whatever it takes to not approve a warranty claim.  Some companies charge significantly more in shipping to replace the mattress.

Below is a sample warranty chart for BeautyRest mattresses.  You will find your mattresses warranty code on your mattress tag.  I recommend looking up the warranty chart for your mattress as part of your pre-purchase research.


Also, be sure to be fully aware of the warranty standards your mattress has.  You most likely will need to have your mattress placed on a specifically appropriate frame in order for the warranty to remain valid.  You may need to have a mattress cover.  If you take the steps in the beginning to make sure your mattress stays under warranty, you can take advantage of some generous warranty policies that are out there.

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