Shopping for a New Mattress
With so many choices in mattresses to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down exactly what you are looking for.   To help you focus your shopping, consider these factors: price, size, support, and comfort layer.  Once you decide on your preference for each of these criteria, it will be easier to shop and compare mattresses that meet these criteria.

  • Price. When it comes to price,  obviously, you just need to figure out your budget before you start chopping.  Once you know how much you have to spend, you can shop within that budget. The price range of mattresses is huge, so you really need to know your budget before yous tart.  The good news is that the markup on mattresses is considerable compared to other retail industries, so there is room to negotiate.
  • Size.  Obviously, before you start shopping you need to know what size mattress you are looking for.  Are you sharing a bed or sleeping alone?  Do you already have a bed frame that fits a certain size mattress?  Some mattress options are only available on certain size beds, so knowing what size you want will certainly narrow down some choices.
  • Comfort layer.  Choosing the right top is crucial.  The industry calls this the comfort layer and is one of the most important factors that contribute to your sleep comfort.  There are two types of fabric tops, the Euro Top and the Pillow Top, the main difference between the two is in the how they attach to the mattress. According to an article on eHow, Euro Tops are stitched directly to the mattress, and there is no gap between the top layer and the mattress. In the case of the Pillow Top, there is a gap between the mattress and the top layer.You can also choose a gel comfort layer, a memory foam top, or some sort of hybrid combination.
  • Support .  The level of support you need or want is a very personal preference.  The same support levels will feel different person to person depending on their size, weight, medical issues etc.

With an innerspring mattress, the types of coils will effect the firmness level. The coil system can either be continuous or pocketed. The continuous coil system, offers a firm support almost to any size person.  However, the transfer of motion is inconvenient if you are a sharing a bed with someone.

On the other hand, the pocketed coil system is a system that consists of independent coils wrapped in fabric and joined together. This system conforms better to the body, providing great pressure point relief and it dampens the transfer of motion.

If you choose a memory foam mattress, the foam density will affect the firmness levels.  The higher the foam density the more support you will feel.

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